Forging an idea into a business

Anyone can do it - Sahar & Bobby Hashemi

Anyone Can Do It: Building Coffee Republic from Our Kitchen Table – Sahar & Bobby Hashemi

For several years I have been interested in entrepreneurship. When I have been thinking about my own possibilities after the University, it has always been one of my options. I have had several ideas in my mind what I could do, some that I took quite far, making financial calculations and market research. However the next step has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I have an idea; I have a plan and I have the resources. But what comes next? What should I do in order to turn entrepreneurial idea into a company?

This is by no means an easy question to answer. My most obvious choice was to ask some of my professors in the university. It turned out that even tough good professors, they had no idea how to go further than the theories and to build a company.

So, the next obvious choice is to turn to entrepreneurs. They have done it themselves, so they should be able to tell how it’s done. For this, Anyone Can Do It by Sahar and Bobby Hashemi is a great reading.

I originally ran into the first chapter of this book when I was looking for materials for my entrepreneurship course in ASB. It was in the suggested reading for London School of Business entrepreneurship course. I gave it a look and I was instantly hooked.

The book tells the story of the founding of Coffee Republic, one of the leading coffee chains in Britain. What the book really excels at is that it is a great case study about founding a company.

It shows you step by step what the entrepreneurs did to make an initial idea into a company worth millions of pounds and how they finally lost the control of it. And when I say step by step, I really mean it. They show for example how the idea started forming, discussions they had during the process and hand-drawn drafts of the logo. They even show a draft of their original business plan, which they were crafting for the investors.

The Book claims to have “57 real-life laws on entrepreneurship“. While I maybe would not call them to be strict laws, they are the type of an advice that surely will benefit a new entrepreneur. These are things that come up only when you have taken action, when you have done it in practice yourself. These are things that are difficult to come by in ordinary course books in the business schools and universities.

If you are a budding entrepreneur, I can definitely suggest this book. It is a great example and fun to read. It doesn’t give you strict advice of how to do things, but it lays down a successful example and points down most important things to remember. It is up to you to learn from it and to put the advice into use when building your own success story.

If you already are an entrepreneur, you probably have already encountered some or most of these issues laid down in the book. However even in such a case this book might be interesting reading as a motivational success story.

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