In the search for the best price

I have been meaning to mention a great blog post (in Finnish) about buying your books in the internet by “Tarkan markan blogi”. If you can read Finnish, I warmly suggest you to have a look at it.

The writer of Tarkan markan blogi describes the methods he uses to find the best books with the best prices. I have been planning to write about this too in length a bit later as my methods differ somewhat. However now I wanted to point out a tool the writer mentions in his post. For some reason I have never noticed it before.

When I am searching for the books in the different online bookstores I usually go through at least to find the best price available. The Pricenoia website can make this process much faster.

It gives you a comparison of the prices in Amazon in US, UK, France, Germany, Canada and Japan. You get the information divided to the new product from Amazon, third party and used. Also it shows you the original price, prices in euros (or in your own currency?) and total price with the shipping costs.

This way you can easily and fast define the best price for you at Amazon. If you order a lot of books online like me, this comes in handy.

Happy shopping!