Blogroll opened

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Some weeks ago I opened the blogroll on the sidebar, mostly about business and economics blogs I follow. Nowadays blogs are a great source of information often equal in detail and quality compared to books.

As suggested in The Long Tail by Chris Anderson, today if your are looking for detailed information about some certain niche you should not turn into newspapers or magazine articles. Instead you would look for a blog that has specialized in the theme of your interest. Person who has concentrated on only one certain topic knows that topic better than most of the journalists could.

Nowdays it is also common that many popular blog authors turn their blogs into books. When they have already a lot of usable material and a fanbase ready, it is easier to turn that into a recently well selling book. (However a blog is free to read and therefore a great bargain =)

This has for example happened with one of my most favorite bloggers Ramit Sethi from I Will Teach You to Be Rich and many others.

In the blogroll the blogs are separated into English and Finnish ones. This should make searching the blogs easier as I follow many blogs in Finnish as well.

Have fun reading!