Looking for good books about entrepreneurship?

Steve Blank has a solution for you!

Steve Blank – A former serial entrepreneur and a professor (teaching entrepreneurhip at Stanford University and several others) visited Finland last week. This awesome event was arranged by Aalto Entrepreneurship Society. Even though I was not there, I am under impression that his visit had quite an impact. You can learn more about the visit from here.

What caught my eye was that Steve recommended several different books during his visit. Especially interesting to me were his ”top three picks to start your E-education”:

For some reason none of these had caught my eye before. Now these went straight to my own shopping list. You can see the full list of books suggested by him during the event in Finland here, compiled by the AaltoES.

Also for those interested, Steve has an awesome (but very extensive) list of ”Books for Startups” on his own website.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/MrEsko Siim Esko

    Osterwalder’s book about Business models will be (and in many places is already) the go-to book for setting up your revenue model and value chain for your business.