Books About Money

I have been often asked how do I pick the books I read. One of my main sources are the blogs I follow and the recommendations made by the authors (or sometimes their commentators). Mostly though the book recommendations tend to disappear in the midst of all the other posts. They are hard to find afterwards.

Luckily (or sadly) most of us bloggers tend to love making lists.

I noticed few days ago that J.D.Roth from Get Rich Slowly published an awesome list called “The Best Books About Money”. There he lists his favorite books in different categories like investing, debt, personal finance and so on.

He has also done a review of most of them, which makes this list much more useful and trustworthy than the average lists of “10-best-books-I-have-not-read-but-will-suggest-to-you-anyway”.

Worth taking a look at!