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Best Books about Personal Finance

Some weeks ago Trent from the great “The Simple Dollar” blog announced that he would discontinue his long lived series of reviewing one personal finance book per week. He has done an awesome job in reviewing hundreds of books through the years – all reviews are available in his blog. He was one of the […]


Books About Money

I have been often asked how do I pick the books I read. One of my main sources are the blogs I follow and the recommendations made by the authors (or sometimes their commentators). Mostly though the book recommendations tend to disappear in the midst of all the other posts. They are hard to find […]

Learning about investing

Recently I have been looking more closely my old notes about investing literature. When I was a student there were no leftovers in the end of the month. However my situation has changed and I am now a full time employee. I am finally in a situation in my life where I can set some […]


Blogroll opened

Some weeks ago I opened the blogroll on the sidebar, mostly about business and economics blogs I follow. Nowadays blogs are a great source of information often equal in detail and quality compared to books. As suggested in The Long Tail by Chris Anderson, today if your are looking for detailed information about some certain […]