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Summer break

Hello everyone! As you may or may not have noticed, during the last two months I have posted a new review quite rarely. This is due to the fact that I have been intensively writing my thesis for the Aarhus School of Business. I am now close to the finish and the deadline is in […]


Quick peek to the future reviews

Just got myself two new books, The Long Tail by Chris Anderson and Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin. I already had a  look at both of them and they seem promising. The Long Tail seems to discuss the niche markets, their importance and the possibilities they offer in today’s world. Talent is Overrated on […]


Free book download – The Elements of Investing

I just noticed that here is a free copy of The Elements of Investing available in here. (Not anymore. Seemingly due to the growing downloads the book was taken away from the distribution.) It is probably meant for the Vanguard Flagship customers, but currently it seems to be open for everyone. The book is written […]


Starting words from the Author

Hello world – and welcome to my new blog! The idea of this blog was born from the book diary I have kept. I started keeping records of the books I read in 2008. In the last autumn I took a look at my old notes and noticed that this could also work in a […]